Education empowers children to grow mentally and socially. Local Initiatives for Education (L.I.F.E.) has built schools and refurbished and repaired classrooms, sent computers and provided school fees for marginalized children. All because education provides a platform to equip the next generation of leaders.

To encourage girls to stay in school and give them the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed, L.I.F.E. has developed two programs—an athletic club and a job skills training course. These programs aim at giving girls the self-confidence and well-being needed to remain in school until and afterwards to seek employment if desired.


Our work in Community Development:

  • Skills training such as baking, sewing, hairdressing, ESL classes

  • AIDS awareness, personal development and moral education in secondary schools (with local teachers being trained to continue the course)

  • Provision of teachers to other NGO’s schools

  • Distribution of running shoes and sports kit for football teams and runners in poor areas

  • Peace/sports initiatives in strife-torn communities in Puntland and Southern Somalia.

  • Sports training for both poor girl runners (see GirlsRun2 website) and Djibouti’s top football coaches.